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International Themes in Windows 7

No, I’m not going to make you crepes, or anything, but I will show you how to reveal some different wallpapers and themes that are hidden within Windows 7.

As it turns out, during the installation process of Windows 7 it asks you some questions about time zone and currency format to identify what part of the world you live in. As such, the selection of wallpapers will reflect your location, and since most of us live in the US that means pictures of rolling fields and lighthouses. But what about the other English-speaking countries like Australia, Great Britain, etc? Aren’t they included, too?

They are, and here’s how you get them!

Just copy and paste this line into your Search Box (located under the Start menu)


Press Enter and an Explorer window with a list of folders should pop up; each a different country.


Choose one and double-click on it to open. From here open the “Theme” folder and double-click the file inside. This will create a shortcut in the Personalization section under your Control Panel. Repeat these steps with each country until you have an international selection!