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Internet Explorer 8 Features pt. 1

March 19th saw the release of Microsoft Internet Explorer 8; the first major release of the famous Internet browsing software since 2006. Aside from offering enhanced security, IE 8 is also the default browser for Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 7 as well. Let’s take a gander at some of the features included this time around, and see what they mean to you!

Suggested Sites: This is a pretty cool feature that recommends sites to you based on where you browse most. Say for instance that you’re a big fan of FoodNetwork.com. IE 8 will take that into account and offer up other food-related sites to check out! It’s only at the user’s request, though, and all the information sent back and forth is on a “by session” basis; meaning that you don’t have to worry about “big brother” watching everything you do! I took some time browsing around, and by the time I clicked on the Suggested Sites tab, I had racked up quite a few cool destinations to check out!


InPrivate Browsing: Speaking of privacy, Internet Explorer 8 offers something called “InPrivate” browsing, which doesn’t store any cookies, passwords or other personal information during an InPrivate session. In, out and undetected; just like a ninja!


Quicktabs: We’re all familiar with tabbed browsing by now (thanks, Steve!), but have you ever wanted to see all of your tabs at once? Quicktabs, which was introduced in IE 7, will allow for just that by showcasing all of your open tabs at once in one area. Each open tabs gets it own thumbnail view, making it easy to choose which window you want to pick next. You might have known about it already, but it’s still worth a mention!


Web Slices:This is really neat! Web Slices are designed for people who like to keep track of constantly updated web pages like E-bay or online stocks. If a web slice is available on the page you can click on it and add it to the Internet Explorer 8 tool bar. Whenever an update or change occurs the bar will flash, telling you that something requires your attention. I didn’t find too many sites that support web slices yet, but I can definitely see the potential!

More to come on IE 8 in the future!