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Internet Explorer 9 Keyboard Shortcuts Pt. 3


Moving right along! Here is part three of our Internet Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts list! We’re already done the Alt key, so let’s move on to what you can do with Ctrl!

Ctrl + +(plus sign) – Zoom in a webpage
Ctrl + – (minus sign) – Zoom out in a webpage
Ctrl + o–  Open a webpage
Ctrl + S – Save a web page for offline viewing.
Ctrl + Shift + Tab – Move back through tabs
Ctrl + Tab – Move forward through tabs.
Ctrl + T – Opens a new browser tab
Ctrl + w – Closes the current browser tab.
Ctrl + K – Copies the current browser tab and opens it.
Ctrl + N – Open a new Internet Explorer window.
Ctrl + J – Opens the Internet Explorer Download Manager.
Ctrl + L – Select the address bar so that you can type in a new address.
Ctrl + B – organize your Internet Explorer favorites.
Ctrl + D – Can be used to bookmark a webpage or add it to your Internet explorer favorites.

Stay tuned, because we’ve got one more to go!