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Internet Public Library – Lighthouses

Internet Public Library – Lighthouses [1]

I know I’ve brought you lighthouses before but not quite like this. This is a stunning photographic journey of lighthouses.

To navigate choose the body of water that interests you. Then choose a light that interests you, and start your journey. My dad always talks about how beautiful Marblehead beach is, so I started there with Marblehead Light (Ohio). Not only does it give you a stunning picture of the Lighthouse, it also gives you interesting background information and tells you whether the lighthouse you are viewing is still in use.

I was even more interested though in the Lorain West Breaker Lighthouse. This is a lighthouse that I grew up seeing every summer at the beach. It was built in 1917 and was decommissioned in 1965. I always wanted to go out to it and explore it. It was saved from demolition by the Port of Lorain Foundation, and they plan to restore the light and make a museum out of it. So maybe I’ll get to fulfill my childhood dream and get to explore it in the future. It truly is the Jewel of the Port.

You can check out lighthouse near you, and find out if they are disused or if they house a museum or tour. Lots of lighthouses are open to the public, with tours or museums- don’t be surprised if you can visit one.

All of the pictures are of excellent quality…why don’t you start your photographic journey?

http://www.ipl.org/div/light/Geoidx.html [1]