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Internet Secrets Protector

Unless you’re like me and actually enjoy the tedious tasks involved in constantly cleaning junk from your computer, like cookies and browsing history, we may have something for you. If you’re looking for an application that will take care of those tiresome chores automatically, thus helping to protect your internet privacy, Internet Secrets Protector from Webcam Simulator, might be the ticket. It’s an easy to use, and easy to understand tool that cleans browser history, deletes cookies, and shreds documents. It also lets you schedule the cleaning processes.

Internet Secrets Protector is free and can be downloaded here. The download and installation is simple and quick, and once the installation is complete, all you have to do is click the Finish button and the program will launch.

In spite of the many benefits (not the least of which that it’s free), I had a couple issues with this tool. First, when the program is launched initially, you must register, in order to use it.

For software that’s designed to protect your privacy, this seems like an odd requirement. The other issue I have is that it only provides cleaning tools for Internet Explorer and Firefox. Since they’re probably the most often used browsers, these are fine choices. But, my default browser is Google’s Chrome, so I won’t be able to make much use of the key element of this tool. I do however, keep both IE and Firefox active, and use them occasionally, so I tested the browser cleaner and found it to be very effective. After running the cleaner, I found no traces of browsing history.

The interface is simple, intuitive, and very easy to use.

The option selections are found on the left, and the selected tasks, on the right. Checking or unchecking options boxes will determine which areas you want Internet Secrets Protector to maintain. But these selections can be changed at any time. Once you’ve made your choices, just click the Start Erasing Now! button.


The cleaning options include Browsers, Messengers, Windows OS, and Applications. The Windows OS and Applications options are designed to help maintain your registry.


The Tools button opens the links to the File Shredder, Scheduler, Cookie Browser, and Preferences.


The Cookie Browser is a filtering device that can be set to monitor cookies based on your recommendations. With it, you can select individual cookies to be automatically saved or deleted.

Privacy is the primary advantage of keeping browsing history clean but, by using this tool, there’s the added benefit of increased computer space and performance generated by cleaning out unnecessary files. And, in addition to internet file maintenance, you also get the File Shredder.

Once you’ve opened the File Shredder from the Tools window, just drag and drop files that you want to shred and click the Start Shredding Now! button. According to the publisher’s description, the File Shredder will delete files “beyond recovery by almost any File Recovery applications available”!


And there you have it. A free, useful, multi-purpose tool for keeping your privacy maintained and your computer clean.