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Internet Time Out

Do you hate it when your friends comment in all caps, or send you multiple e-mail forwards a day? Don’t you wish you could do something about it? I think we all know someone who deserves an internet time out and now you can send them one! I have to admit that when people comment in all caps really gets on my nerves.  I have long wished for a way to say something that would get the point across with the efficiency of putting a three year old in time out.

So how does internet time out work? Well you can either select a reason from the most popular list below the text box, or type in your own. Then click send, and the site will provide you with two links. One is a direct link to time out, and the other is a stealth link. Then post or e-mail the link to the person you are putting in time out. When they click on the link they will be shown the image of the little boy standing the corner in time out with whatever crime they’ve committed to earn their time out at the top of the page emblazoned on a red banner.

So who are you going to put in internet time out?

http://welcometointernettimeout.com/ [1]