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I am super addicted to this site! I hope you’re ready to make music, because today’s site is an awesome application that lets you create multi-track music for free!

The site may take a moment to load, but it is completely worth it. Once the site has loaded the first thing I would do is click the more button on the application, this will let more directions drop down on the left side of the page. Now check out the step by step directions that will tell you all you need to know to get started creating music. 

To make music you’ll use your mouse to draw notes on the 16 step Matrix to the right. To erase notes, just click on them and they disappear. Each track (you get to them by clicking the tabs on the matrix) has it’s own volume control, and at the bottom right there is a main volume control and a pause/play button. 

Now, I did say I was addicted. So you’ve been warned! This site can totally suck you in for hours of entertaining music making.

http://www.inudge.net/ [1]