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Inverse Selections

Have you ever needed to select *most* of the files in a folder using Windows Explorer? Maybe you’re copying them to a floppy, moving them to new home, or doing some other type of exciting file management activity.

In any case, it can be a hassle since most of us just select up to the first file we don’t want, do whatever it was we were going to do with the files, then move on to the next section.

Here’s a better way!

First, select the files you DON’T want. If there are multiple files that you don’t want, hold down your Ctrl key as you select the files. I know, it sounds like I’ve finally lost it, but stick with me here.

Next, go to the Edit menu and select ” Invert Selection ” from the menu.

The files you selected previously are now deselected and everything else is selected. It’s almost like magic, isn’t it?


Want another one? OK, take this:

Go into the folder with the files you want, hit Ctrl+A (that will select the whole mess).

Next, hold down your Ctrl key and click the files you don’t want. That’ll deselect ’em good.

Note: If you’re using Windows 7 you may not see a menu bar at the top of your explorer window. Press your ALT key to make it pop up. 

~ Steve