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Invisible Facebooking Pt. 1 – Amping Up Social Media Privacy

How can I keep people from finding me on Facebook? I only want to talk with my family and people I know. And how do I stop people from putting stuff on my wall, reading my posts and putting my name on pictures on Facebook?  T.M. in Ohio.

Well, T.M., it kind of defeats the purpose of social networking, but I’m game if you are.  But seriously, I get your point. Some people love to collect as many friends as possible, others just want to get updates on their family members and close friends.  You can’t be completely invisible and still belong to Facebook, but there are some ways to fly under the radar.

Click that little gear symbol on the upper right corner of your Facebook page.


Select Privacy Settings from the drop-down menu.


Now it’s time to get to work taking some of the social out of social media. Under Privacy Settings and Tools, let’s go to “Who can see your future posts?” and select “edit.”

Most people choose the default setting of “Friends.” You can choose only those you’ve identified as “Close Friends” or “Family.” You could also choose “Only Me,” if you just want to post for your own amusement. But a better choice may be to select “Custom.”


 My first suggestion is to uncheck “Friends of those tagged,” so that only your friends and not just anyone who happens to know your friends can check out your posts. You can also create a custom list of people who can see your posts or a list of people who can’t look at them. Some businesses have been known to require you to Facebook friend your boss. This might be a good place to put his or her name. Parents might also want to check to make sure your kids haven’t included you on this list.


You may also choose to limit who can see your old posts. “Select Limit Past Posts” and choose “Limit Old Posts.” You’ll get a warning that once this is done, it can’t be undone in one click. If you’re sure you want to limit those posts, click “Confirm.”


Now that we’ve covered up your Facebook past, let’s move down to “Who Can Look Me Up?”  In the drop-down menu, select “Friends.” Now, only people who already know you can find you.  You can also turn off the capability of search engines to find your Facebook page.

You are now pretty hard to find. But we aren’t finished yet. I’ll have more information on stealth Facebooking in pt. 2 of this article.

– Cynthia