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Iolo System Checker – Check Your Computer For Free!


Is there something wrong with your computer?

Does it seem slower than it used to be?
Are you worried about security holes?
Do you wonder if you have too much clutter on your hard drive?
Is your registry as fast as it should be?
Do unnecessary start-up programs slow your computer down?
Do you have performance robbing memory leaks?
Is your Internet as fast as it could be? 
Is there too much internet clutter in your temp files?  

Well, find out all the above and more with the free Iolo System Checker! This little program is a must-run for everyone with a PC. In just a few minutes it will run a series of tests and let you know about any problem it uncovers. It will quickly answer all the questions above and then some. 

We ran it on one of our test computers and were totally impressed. It quickly uncovered some issues that we used System Mechanic [2] to resolve (it was way faster than doing it manually). The performance increase after solving the trouble issues was a welcome improvement – funny thing is, we didn’t even know there was anything all that “wrong” – only that the PC didn’t seem to be performing as well as it should have been. 

Want to try it for yourself? Download at the link below and know for sure if your PC is performing at its best!