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iOS – Siri Guide

So you’ve got an iOS device with Siri – the most amazing digital assistant technology has ever conceived, but when it comes to utilizing her, you can’t think of anything beyond “Which Chinese place won’t make me sick?” and “When’s the NHL coming back?”.

Sounds like a real first-world problem to me. Thankfully, though, Siri comes with her own guide to help you along.

Here’s how to access it:

First, press and hold the home button to bring Siri up. Once she surfaces, press the little “i” icon as depicted below.

From there, a whole list of stuff pops up that Siri will respond to. Simply press an option to see what verbiage to use when asking her.

Everything from Facebook posting to messaging, and everything in between! Super helpful, even though “Make me a pizza!” isn’t on the list…

Try it out today iDevice users!