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iPad 4 vs iPad Mini: Difference Just Size?

Donna from Indiana writes:

I am wanting an iPad or iPad mini but can’t find out what are the differences other than size?


Apple’s iPad Mini is a huge hit with consumers, with some websites estimating sales exceeding that of the traditional iPad.  To the casual observer, the two units would appear to be the same since they run the same basic software. The only obvious difference is the size of the unit but, there are some more important differences.

iPad 4th Generation vs iPad Mini

So which is the better iPad?

The iPad mini is a lot smaller and lighter, but features a slower, older processor and a lower-resolution less pixel-dense screen. This is a good thing if you want a smaller, more portable iPad. The iPad 4th generation is a lot heavier, but features a faster, newer processor and significantly better screen. Does this mean one’s better then the other? Not really. After using the iPad Mini (and owning the iPad 4th generation), I can say both are good products with a nod for performance to the full size iPad and a nod to handhold ability to the iPad mini.


P.S. It is almost guaranteed the next iPad mini will feature a faster processor and possibly an improved screen. The larger iPad will probably always have a faster processor due to its significantly larger battery, but you never know with Apple.