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iPad for photo editing on the fly

Sometimes, you want to finish your photos and upload them online immediately. This is particularly true of sporting events, functions, or even travelogues. With social networking getting increasingly addictive, uploading photos is the next big thing. However, not all photos are picture perfect. You need to adjust the exposure, brightness, contrast, color saturation, and maybe even crop out stuff you don’t want. But how can you do this on the fly without going back home and powering up your PC? Well, if you have an iPad, help is at hand. Thanks to its extended battery life and portability, the iPad is perfect for mobile photo editing. Here are a few tips that will get you started.

CC image courtesy of Daniel Y Go

Download the pics
Transfer the pictures from the camera to your iPad using the USB cable that is part of Apple’s camera connection kit. And presto, the iPad creates new galleries in the Photos folder aptly named ‘Last Import’ and ‘All Imported’. This helps you find the images you just downloaded from your camera.

RAW conversion
If you are using a professional camera, you will shoot in RAW format. Thankfully, the iPad not only recognizes a RAW image, but also lets you edit it on the fly. Pray how? Just download the PiRAWhna app for $9.99 from the Apple Store and you are good to go. With this app, you can also adjust white balance, contrast, exposure and even sharpen your RAW images before exporting them to the JPG format. This is done even while keeping the original RAW files intact. Convenient indeed, because you can edit and export the images in a few seconds. However, use the app only to convert the raw files because the editing can be done with other apps that do a better job as explained ahead.

Editing next
The iPad has the advantage of many image editing apps, but there’s one that mimics the capability of Lightroom and Aperture. It’s called Photogene, and it’s available at the App Store for $1.99. This nifty app will let you edit the JPG files with gusto. Importantly, this is a full-fledged jpeg editing tool unlike Pirawhna. So with this, you can crop, rotate, retouch and even create text balloons, frames and special filters, among other fun things.

Once your RAW-JPG converted image is edited on the fly, you can either email the photos to those who want it or upload them on Picasa, Twitter, Facebook or even an FTP client. The options are numerous on the iPad, so long as you have internet enabled.

~Zahid H Javali