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iPad / iOS Basics Part 3 – Quick Search, Cut, copy, and Paste!

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Quick Search

If, after organizing your Apps you are still having trouble finding some of your Apps or files, iOS kindly provides an easily accessible quick search option to assist you in finding those “lost” App icons. To make use of this feature follow these steps:

Step 1. Swipe your finger from left to right across your home screen until a small search form box and keyboard appear on screen.
Step 1-1. Alternatively, by default you can also press the Home Button once to arrive at the search form.

Step 2. Tap the white search box and enter in all or part of the name of the App or file you are looking for.

Step 3. Any Apps or files containing your search phrase will appear in the “Search Results” window sandwiched between the search box and the keyboard.

As you type, iOS will search through your devices for any Apps and files which may contain the words or phrases entered in the search box, and display relevant results immediately as you type. To ensure only the most relevant results are displayed, try to enter as exact a search phrase as possible. i.e. if you are looking for “Angry Birds” entering in the entire phrase “Angry Birds” will return better results than if you were to just enter in the word “Angry.”

Additionally, as you type you will notice some files within Apps which contain the words or phrases you are searching for appear in the “Search Results” window. This is a handy feature if you are looking for a note, calendar appointment, or other type of file which mentions your search phrase, but not necessarily the App of the same name. i.e. If you are looking for a note which mentions “Angry Birds” but not the “Angry Birds” App itself, the “Search Results” will display both the note(s) and App in the results window.

Step 4. Tap the search result which most closely resembles what you are looking for to open the App, file, or folder containing that search phrase.

Additionally, if what you are searching for is not displayed in the search results, Tap the “Search Web” or “Search Wikipedia” text labels to search for your term or phrase on the internet or Wikipedia, respectively.

Copy, Paste, etc.

From text editors to browsers, the cut, copy, paste, select all functions are ubiquitous across all common computing platforms, yet for many users just jumping into the iOS world, these can be a tricky function to find and implement. If you are one such user, here’s your shortcut to these shortcuts:

Step 1. Find the characters, word, or first/last word of a phrase which you would like to cut or copy, and Tap it twice.
A blue selection box will appear, highlighting the text you just tapped. Just above this selection box a black dialog balloon with three buttons: “Cut,” “Copy,” and “Paste,” will also appear

(Note: If you only see the “copy” option within the dialog balloon, Tap outside your selected characters to bring up the keyboard, then repeat Step 1.)

Step 2. Tap and drag the blue selection boxes’ “handles” (the small blue dots on either side of your selected word) until all the characters you wish to “cut” or “copy” are highlighted within the blue selection area. (Note: For a more accurate selection, a “magnifying glass” showing the position of your cursor will follow your finger, and selection handle position, as you drag.)

Step 3. Take your finger off the screen. The “Cut,” “Copy,” “Paste” dialog balloon will re-appear.

Step 4. Tap “Cut” or “Copy” to cut or copy the selected text.

Step 5. Tap the position where you would like to paste your text and select “Paste” from the dialog balloon which appears.
(Tip: If you wish to replace a selected amount of text with the text you just copied or cut, repeat Steps 2 though 3 to select the text to be replaced, and Tap “Paste” immediately after repeating Step 3.)

Step 5-1. You may also copy / paste between Apps by following Steps 1 through 4 to copy your text, opening the App you wish to paste into, and doing so as detailed in Step 5.

There are two additional options which may aid you in selecting your desired text to copy / paste: “Select” which can be used to create a text selection box, and “Select All” which when used will select all text in the file. To access these options, simply Tap the screen to bring up the “Select,” “Select All,” and “Paste” dialog balloon, and Tap the option you wish to use. Afterwards, repeat Steps 4 through 5 as needed.

Stay tuned for more iPad / iOS Basics coming very soon!!!

~J. Conboy