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iPad/iPhone Pics & Videos: How To Transfer To PC

Chic from Northern Virginia writes:

How do I copy to my home videos and audios recorded on an iPad so I can watch them on my PC?


Transferring video and audio from your iPad or iPhone/iPod to a PC is a fairly simple process. To begin, plug in your device using the USB sync cable to your computer. The device will be recognized and appear in Computer (or My Computer) as a removable storage device with the name “Soandso’s iPhone (or iPad, iPod Touch). Click on the device then double-click on internal storage.

From here double-click on the DCIM folder. The folders inside of the DCIM folder will contain your images, videos and recordings. Browse through the folders and locate the files you want to copy. Right click on a file and click copy and then navigate to where you want to copy the file. For the below example, I clicked on Videos after I copied the file.


Right-click in the blank area where you want to copy the file to and click paste. The file will now copy to that folder.



If you would prefer to send the file directly from your device you can.  In the photo app, select the image or video you want to send and click the send icon.  Select how to send the file. Uploading to YouTube offers the highest quality, while e-mailing and messaging will significantly shrink the file size (and hence the quality).



P.S. If you want to convert your videos for use on other devices I’d recommend reading my article on Miro’s free video converter by clicking here [1].