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iPads, iPhones Hijacked By Ransomware

A nasty surprise for some users of iPads and iPhones in Australia. Their devices were hijacked by a ransomware attack. A ransomware attack is where hackers seize control of your device and demand a payment to release it back to you.

This attack happened overnight in Australia and users woke up to find a message saying that their device had been hacked by Oleg Pliss. The message also demanded that users pay $100 to Paypal to have the device unlocked.

It hasn’t been determined how the hackers got into the accounts, but some think there must have been a breach of users’ iCloud accounts. It looks as if hackers took advantage of a security feature that allows users to lock their devices if they are lost or stolen. However, Apple says the issue was not a breach off iCloud accounts.

So far, no reports of anyone in the U.S. being affected.

~ Cynthia