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iPod Shuffle

There’s a new iPod Shuffle out! It’s $79 from the Apple Store and can hold 1000 songs in short. Let’s take a closer look at the new features of this tiny new device!


New controls

Remember how on the old iPod Shuffle the controls were actually on the player itself? Now they’re in the headphones!


Just click the volume up and down buttons for volume control, the center button once to play or pause, twice to go to the next track and three times to go back one track. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? To change playlists, you have to ‘click the center button until you hear a tone’ then listen to all your playlists, audiobooks and podcasts until you hear the one you want! Fortunately for playlist lovers Apple are still selling the old-style Shuffles. Phew!


Previously one downside of the iPod Shuffle was the absence of a screen. You couldn’t tell which song you were listening to and who perfomed it so those with a big song library got very confused! VoiceOver solves that problem. When you hold down the center button you’ll be read the title and artist of the current song. VoiceOver can also tell you the name of your playlists and ‘speaks’ 14 different languages.

Stunning? Not really. It’s pretty flashy though, so if you’ve got $79 to spare, I’d give it a shot. Happy listening!

~Brandon Zubek