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iPod Touch

iPod Touch

Hey all you iPod lovers! I’ve got some great news for you today. There’s a new version of the ever popular Apple iPod coming out and let me tell you, it is jammed packed with amazing features. Let’s get to checking it out right now, shall we?!

As all of you probably already know, Apple recently released a cell phone called the iPhone. It featured some snazzy touch-screen navigation, which means you can select options and features on the iPhone screen with just a quick touch of your finger. Well, the new iPod, named the iPod Touch, features that same touch-screen navigation as well! That’s right, you can now say good-bye to the scroll wheel, because you won’t be needing that anymore! This is what the iPod Touch looks like:

The new iPod features a crystal clear 3.5 wide-screen display, which is great for watching movies, as well as, navigating through your music. You’ll be able to navigate in a whole new way with the new Cover Flow feature. The Cover Flow allows you to browse your music collection by album art. Another new feature you may have noticed on the iPhone is the Accelerometer. Well, that’s available on the iPod Touch as well. The Accelerometer detects when you rotate the iPod and it automatically changes the contents of the display so that you can see the movie or album art with the proper aspect ratio. Cool!

The iPod Touch also packs in some other powerful features. For instance, WiFi surfing! You guessed it, you can now surf the Internet with the built in Safari browser. And that’s not all. You can also connect to the iTunes Music Store where you can purchase new songs with just a simple tap. Another cool feature is if you walk into a Starbucks coffee shop, for example, you can see the last 10 songs that were played in the store. You then have the opportunity to download them all if you wish!

Finally, one last feature for all you video lovers out there. The iPod Touch lets you watch YouTube videos right on your iPod. I think that’s super cool, don’t you?!

This new iPod has everyone buzzing. It’s expected to be available to the public on September 28, 2007, which is right around the corner. You can find a lot more information on how to pre-order an iPod Touch for yourself right on Apple’s Web site here. Enjoy!

~ Neil Patel