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iPod Week – Day 3

iPod Week – Day 3

You’re in for a good one today! I have a hunch you’re going to love the add on I have to show you. I use it all the time. So, without further ado, let’s check it out right now!

Do any of you own a Zune? The Zune media player is Microsoft’s version of the iPod. I own one, as well as, an iPod and one of the things I love about it is as soon as you set it up, you can pick a few folders to be your “watched folders.” That means whenever a music file is added to the “Music Watch” folder, it’s automatically added to the Zune library. The same goes for videos, podcasts and pictures. So, how would you like to have that option in iTunes as well? If that sounds like a good idea to you, keep reading!

1.) To accomplish this, we’re going to be using a program called Folder Watch. You can download it here.

2.) Open up the setup file and follow the installation wizard. If you don’t already have it, you’ll need to install the .NET Framework to run this program. It’s a small and quick setup that shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes.

3.) After you’ve finished installing Folder Watch, go to Start, All Programs, Folder Watch, Folder Watch (Background Monitoring).

4.) You should then see this icon in your system tray: Double click on it to open Folder Watch.

5.) As you open Folder Watch, you’ll be prompted to register for the Pro version. You can just press OK.

6.) The next window will look exactly like this:

7.) To start adding your first folder, click on the + (plus) button.

8.) Go ahead and find your first watched folder and select OK.

9.) It will then be added to the list.

If that’s your only watched folder, go ahead and minimize the program. If you have any other folders you’d like to add, you can do that and then minimize it.

10.) Now, let’s give this a try, shall we? Right click on this link and choose Save Target As (Internet Explorer) or Save Link As (Firefox).

11.) Once you save the file to your watched folder, you should see this box appear:

12.) Double click on the eye icon and then click on the New Tracks tab.

13.) All you have to do is click Add Checked Tracks to iTunes. It’s that easy!

14.) If you check out your iTunes library now, you’ll see the test file has been added to a special playlist. Cool, huh?!

If you liked this tip, tomorrow’s will be a blast. See you then!

~ Neil Patel