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Ireland’s Eye

This is a very interesting site with lots to cover, so hang on tight, for this whirlwind ride. In the middle of the page there are articles of interest. Then on the side menu there is a ton of interesting subjects.

Features contains: Irish Fairies, Titanic, The Blarney Stone, and Ghost Watch.

Irish Fairies tells you all about fairy myths from the emerald isle. The different kinds of fairies, and so on.

Titanic discusses the building of the doomed ship in Belfast, the launching of the ship, and much more.

The Blarney Stone section teaches you all about the history behind the origination of the “kiss the blarney stone” phrase and why it’s still in our speech today. I loved this section the most.

Ghost Watch talks about the more famous hauntings around Ireland. A very interesting section if you like this sort of stuff.

Culture is a great section too, it contains: Music, Talk, Names, and Recipes.

Music — learn about traditional Irish music, read some lyrics, or take a gander down at the dance section. The Irish love to dance as you can tell from this section.

Talk — This is where you will learn the myths of Ireland. Stories that have been passed down and lasted as the times changed. I adore this section.

Names — here you will learn family names, first names, and place names from around Ireland.

History — in the history section you can choose from people, places, and events. It is chocked full to the brim with information.

And last but not least — do you want to visit bonny ole Ireland? Well, in the Travel section you can learn how to make the appropriate accommodations, find tours and attractions, and so much more.

After leaving this site you’ll feel as though you’ve been to Ireland already.

http://www.irelandseye.com/ [1]