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Is Handsfree Texting Safer Behind The Wheel?

Even the most hardcore text messager will admit that texting while driving is not safe. Some might think that the safe way to go is to use voice-recognition enabled mobile devices or an in-car system like OnStar to send and receive messages.

But a study by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute shows that handsfree isn’t much safer than hands-on. Drivers using voice-recognition still looked away from the road and sill showed deterioration in their reaction times. Handsfree drivers did a bit better than those typing out texts while driving, but it seems their minds were still on their texts and not on the road.  Don’t worry, the tests were done on a closed course, so the general driving public wasn’t in danger from these distracted drivers.

The scientists concluded that while going handsfree is slightly better, it’s important to keep both your eyes and your mind on the road. Save the messages for when your car stops.

– Cynthia