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Is it Safe to Delete Temp Files?

Madeleine Rondeau from Florida writes:

I just checked my temp files and I have hundreds off them. Is it safe to delete all of them? Is this why my computer is slow?

Hi, Madeleine!

In my post What is the Temp Directory and Why Should You Clean It? [1] I gave a brief description of temp files and how to delete them, but I didn’t specifically address the issue of safety.  Your concern about deleting temp files is a very good one.  It’s always nerve-wracking to delete files that derive from unknown locations.

However, to put your mind at ease, it is safe to delete the files located in your temp directory.  In fact, as you have noticed, not deleting them will definitely slow your computer down.  You may consider making deleting these files a part of your monthly computer maintenance.

I hope this helps!

~Karen Powers Liebhaber