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Is Outlook.com The Same As Outlook Express?

Lee from Texas writes:

Is Outlook.com the same as Outlook Express, a POP 3 account? My son insists I need to get a different email account like Gmail so when the comp. crashes I don’t lose all my emails.

Lee, Outlook.com is a web-based e-mail service. Outlook Express is an e-mail client program that you install on your computer.  Judging from your e-mail address, currently you are using Outlook Express with an e-mail account provided by your Internet service provider. 

Your son is right, having an e-mail account through Outlook.com or Gmail is a good idea. Not only do you have your e-mails stored somewhere in case your computer crashes, but if you decide to change Internet service providers, you won’t have to go through the hassle of changing your e-mail address.

If you switch to Gmail or another web-based e-mail service, you can still use Outlook Express to download your e-mail to your computer, if you prefer using an e-mail client to the web-based experience.

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~ Cynthia