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Is There A Way To Switch From Yahoo Mail?

Jerry from Plaquemine, LA writes:

Since Yahoo mail is, well, can I say crappy, I suppose the new Yahoo Mail is just as bad. Since I have poor computer understanding and skills, is there anything I can do to get something better.

Sure Jerry. Setting up a new e-mail service is pretty easy. I can’t guarantee you’ll like it any better than Yahoo, since you don’t say what you dislike about it.  It wouldn’t hurt to go ahead and upgrade to the New Yahoo Mail and give it a try, but if you wish to test out a new service, you can do it for no money and just a little effort. 

I covered the simple steps for setting up an Outlook.com account in this article. [1]   Other popular services include Gmail [2] and AOL Mail [3] and the set-up process is fairly simple. You give them your information, select and address and create an account.

Hope you can find a service that meets your needs.

~ Cynthia