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Is This A Scam?

Have you ever wanted to be able to quickly check if something is a scam or not? Well I have. And now with this site, I can search for the answer that question easily, and so can you. 

What this site offers is a Google Custom Search Engine that is already tuned to anti-scam, anti-fraud, useful forums, and government agencies that can help you quickly determine if what you are looking at is a scam or not.

When you arrive at the site, I fully recommend checking out the Learn More link beneath the search field. It explains why the site was created and how the custom search works to help you get quickly to the answers you’re searching for. In this instance, whether or not something is a scam.

For example, I got an offer in my e-mail for a complimentary copy of Rosetta Stone. I could even pick the language I wanted. Think that this was too good to be true because I’ve priced Rosetta Stone before,  I decided to see if it was a scam.

So I typed in Rosetta Stone into the search field and it brings up results that directly correlate between the keywords I typed in and any scam or fraud hits that come up in conjunction with it. After a few clicks, I discovered that I was right to be suspicious and that e-mail was a scam even though it looked very legitimate. 

I’d highly recommend bookmarking this site, so that you have easy access to it anytime something questionable comes up. 

http://www.jasonmorrison.net/is-this-a-scam/ [1]