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Is XP Hype Y2K All Over Again?

Bill writes:

Isn’t this XP stuff just a repeat of all the Y2K hype? Wasn’t the world supposed to end the and all the computers melt or explode or something. And that all turned out to be nothing.

Bill, as someone who spent the majority of 1999 neck-high in Y2K compliance procedures, I can tell you that it wasn’t all hype. I worked at a cable company back then and the Y2K compliance team discovered multiple systems that weren’t equipped to switch to the year 2000.

Now this didn’t all happen at the stroke of midnight when the year rolled over to 2000.  The problems became apparent much earlier when the people tasked with checking into things, looked ahead to moving dates ahead  on the computer and saw there was no option past 1999.

Since systems often start looking forward months or years out, there was time to fix these issues and businesses did. The reason you didn’t see a meltdown was that people paid attention and took care of the issues in critical systems.  Problems were solved long before New Year’s Eve. The media buzz about potential disaster on that night was overblown. But only because people listened and took care of the issue.

~ Cynthia