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ISO Images

ISO Images

Ever wonder what this term involves? You may know that it has something to do with the digital world, but what exactly does it entail? Well, I’m here to fill you in today!

First of all, an ISO image is known as a .iso file and it is just another term for a disk image or any optical disk image. It’s basically an exact copy of an already existing file, which is why it is commonly associated with CD and DVD burning. An ISO file is usually created through special software that allows you to actually create the exact copy of a CD or DVD’s contents. Along with that, you’re able to edit the files as needed. So, for example, if you ever burn a copy of a music CD, you’re creating an ISO image in the process. This obviously holds true for anything you burn onto a disk (music, videos, pictures, documents and so on).

Now, you can do this with any type of burning software. Your computer may have come with some type of program already installed on it or maybe you went out and bought something different. Either way, if you have a burner and the software to go along with it, you’ve been creating ISO images without even knowing it all this time. Cool, huh?!

~ Erin