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It Always Matches in Office 2007

It Always Matches in Office 2007

Were you a fan of the custom clipart colors in the older versions of MS PowerPoint?

You were able to create exactly what you needed and you could always choose to copy and paste it into one of the other Office programs. It could be a bit of a pain though, since only PowerPoint could do the recolor work on the clipart.

I really liked that feature, especially with my PowerPoint presentations. I really feel a need for my clipart to compliment my background, so I used it a lot to achieve the look I wanted.

But with all the new “snazzy” features in Office 2007, you have to wonder if there are any improvements in the recolor department.

Well, I’m happy to report there are!

And better yet, they’re all over the Office Suite, instead of just PowerPoint.

So, if you’re interested, here’s what you need to know.

Once you insert clipart into a document, e-mail, worksheet or presentation, you’ll find that a Picture Tools Format tab will appear on the ribbon.

On the very left side of that tab, you’ll find the Adjust section. Then in the bottom left corner, you’ll see the Recolor button.

When you click on that, you’ll find different variations for recoloring your picture. As always, you should be able to hover over one of the choices to preview how it’s going to look.

If you don’t like one of the pre-set colors, simply choose More Variations at the bottom. Plus, you’ll have all the color choices you could ever want if you choose More Colors at the bottom.

It also might be worth noting that at the very bottom, there’s a choice to Set Transparent Color. Choosing that will turn your mouse pointer into a pen-like shape. With the pointer, click on the color you want gone on your clipart. (Just one warning though: all parts of the picture using that color become transparent, so it may change more than you expect. So, don’t forget to use Ctrl + Z to undo the change if it doesn’t meet your expectations).

There you have it. With this one, you’ll be able to coordinate your clipart to meet whatever needs you have!

~ April