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It’s Always Important

It’s Always Important

Are you one of those people who e-mail very little and when you do, you mark more of them with a High Propriety status than not?

Ever wish you could change MS Outlook to use that High Importance setting as your default, leaving you to change the priority downward for the few that do go out without it?

If that’s you (I know it’s not everyone, but I’d bet there’s a few of you), let’s take a quick look at Outlook’s settings in this area.

In Outlook, you need the Tools menu, Options choice.

On the Preferences tab, you’re looking for the E-mail Options button.

In the E-mail Options window, you need the Advanced E-mail Options button.

It’s here, in the Advanced E-mail Options window, that you need to locate the section with sending e-mail options.

In the Set Importance field, use the pull down list to change the default setting to High (or Low or Normal, whatever you need).

Now, click OK until you’ve backed out of the options.

That’s it! At this point, every new e-mail you send will be marked with a high priority, by default.

Of course, you now have to remember to turn it off when it’s not needed, but hopefully you’re saving time with the priority set this way. After all, that was the point of making the change, wasn’t it?!

~ April