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iTunes 7.3.2

iTunes 7.3.2

So, tell me, are you an avid iTunes user? And by that, I mean, do you use iTunes for all your music needs? Do you refuse to use any other program, because iTunes just handles it all for you? Well, if that’s the case, you’re not going to be changing that decision any time soon. Lucky for all of us, Apple has just released another new version of iTunes and it’s now available for download. Keep reading for some more information about this!

That’s right, as of last week (around August 2, 2007), iTunes 7.3.2 made its debut. The last version of iTunes was 7.1.1 and that was all the way back in March 2007, so it’s definitely refreshing to see another version out and about. Don’t you agree?! Now, iTunes 7.3.2 does, of course, include a few new changes, but not a whole lot of information has been released about it as of yet. I will tell you what I do know though, right now!

It looks like the biggest change made in v7.3.2 is all the bug fixes. Several of the problems occurring in the earlier versions of iTunes have now been fixed and along with that, you’ll see some improved stability and performance in the program from now on. So, if you’re interested in downloading iTunes 7.3.2, it is a quick install and you’ll be up and running in a matter of minutes. To get it for your Windows PC, just click here. Or, if you’re a Mac user, you can download it here. Either way, I hope you enjoy all that this new version of iTunes will bring you. Yes!

~ Erin