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iTunes Skips

Every once in awhile, my iTunes music skips. It’s fine when I’m listening to the music on my iPod, but if I’m just using my computer, it all skips. What’s going on?

First of all, you’ll want to check and see how much RAM you have on your computer. Depending on how many songs you have in your iTunes library, it is a very memory hungry program. If you don’t have enough RAM to support all you’re doing on your computer at the time, it’s going to start skipping and you won’t be able to fully enjoy your music. Now, if you close out every other application you’re using along with your iTunes, it might work properly. You can use the task manager to shut down other programs to see if that stops the skipping, but that’s not really too convenient for anyone.

When we’re listening to our music, we’re usually doing something else as well, like playing a game or working on a document. If you’re doing something away from your computer and just want the music to keep you company, then this suggestion makes sense, but otherwise, it may not work for you. You may just have to break down and have some more RAM installed on your PC. But, before you do that, let’s look at one other option you might be able to take advantage of.

A lot of times, the skipping problem lies within the QuickTime program that you need to have in order for iTunes to work. There are a couple settings you can change in QuickTime to combat the stuttering issue. To do this, make sure your iTunes is shut down and go to Start, Control Panel. Once in there, double click on the QuickTime icon. (You must be in the classic Control Panel view for this to work).

Once in there, use the drop down menu at the very top of the dialogue box and choose Sound Out. This will allow you to work within the sound output elements of your QuickTime.

Now, under the choice that says “Choose a device for playback,” use the drop down menu and select “waveOut.” You can then just close the QuickTime window. You don’t need to press OK or anything, just completely close it out.

Next, restart your iTunes and your skipping problem should be resolved. You can start listening to your music again, while doing your other work as well, without any further problems. Like I said before, you should try this little suggestion before you go out and get more RAM, but if the problem persists, that may be just what you’ll have to do. Either way, it’s worth it for your music, right?!

~ Erin