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iTunes Speed Boost

Did you know that by default, iTunes has some features enabled that can actually slow its performance? Big surprise, eh? Well, thankfully some of those speed-sapping features are easily turned off.  Here’s a quick run-through:

In iTunes, click Edit>Preferences. A window will pop up with a bunch of tabs at the top. Pay close attention to these tabs, because we’ll be switching between them to disable features.

First, click the Sharing tab and uncheck Look for shared libraries. This feature is only useful if you have a local network. if you’re a single-user, it can be turned off.


The next tab you’ll want to click is Apple TV. If you don’t have Apple TV in your house, then uncheck the box that says Look for Apple TVs.


The final tab is Devices. Here, you’ll want to uncheck Look for remote speakers connected with AirTunes, as well as Look for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad remotes – that is, unless your Apple devices are set up for use as Remotes.


Just a few quick options to free up some speed for iTunes!