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iz quotes – Famous Quotes To Share With Your Friends

This quotation site is set up like many quotation sites. You arrive, and there will be featured quotations on the main page. 

At the very top of the page, you’ll find a search field so that you can easily search for the quotes you want to find, as well as the navigation options to browse by Quotes, Authors, or Topics

Okay, so if it is like every quotation site you’ve ever visited what makes it different and interesting  enough for me to share it with you? Well, they’ve interwoven their quote offerings with the ability to share them over your favorite social media network. 

You’ll notice it right away. All the featured quotes have three buttons next to them that allow you to easily share them over Facebook, Twitter, or check out the Picture version. If you click the picture option, you get even more place you can share the quotes like Tumblr, Pinterest, and Google +. They even offer a version that you can use as your Facebook Cover. So if you have a favorite quote it can be right there on your profile! 

So what are you waiting for? Go find your favorite quotes and share them with everyone! 

http://izquotes.com/ [1]