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James Joyce Webring

When I first stumbled upon this webring, I thought I’d find just one great site on James Joyce from it and share that with you. Then I started visiting the sites and absolutely could not pick which to share – so instead, I’m bringing you the whole webring. I hope you’ll explore plenty of them on your own.

I feel like Joyce is one of those authors that people either love or hate, but regardless of how people feel about his work, he has left an amazing mark on literature. Those who love his work have created the sites that fill this webring.

So navigation is pretty easy. When you arrive at the site you’ll find the top three sites, and if you’d like to find more click the blue Show more member sites on this page button. This will expand the page to include more sites from within the webring.

Some the sites focus specifically on one work (for example there is a site that comes up on the main page dedicated to Finnegan’s Wake) or on his life, or even on his adventures in certain locales. Either way you’re sure to find a wealth of information on both the author and his works.

Each site will have a snapshot of their homepage, and a brief description of what the site is about ad what area of Joyce’s work or life they are featuring.

So what are you waiting for? Check them out today!

http://hub.webring.org/hub/jamesjoyce [1]