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Jarte is a lightweight freeware substitute for WordPad and NotePad, laden with useful features. These include the ability to export files as PDF or HTML, and to save as DOC, RTF or TXT. The default interface uses mouse-over navigation (called Clickless), which means when the cursor hovers over the menu icons, menus appear. Although, if the Clickless feature doesn’t appeal to you, it can easily be changed to clickable menu controls.

Three interface layouts are available; Minimal (similar to NotePad), Compact, and Classic. The Compact layout is displayed here.


Among the options are; word, page, line and character counts. In addition to that, you can insert date and time, pictures, hyperlinks, tables, special characters, equations, and objects. Jarte also provides unobtrusive search and spell check, along with a dictionary and thesaurus that integrates with WordWeb. A tab feature is included, for use with multiple files.


For me, the beauty of Jarte is speed. Not only does it contain all the above features, but it opens almost instantly. For anyone tired of waiting for Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer, or any number of other word processors, this is a real time saver. If you just want to type a quick note, and save it as a Word document, it may be possible to complete this task, using Jarte, in less time than it takes just to open similar applications. It took roughly 4 seconds to start this program.

The download and installation is quick and easy, and there’s only one choice to make during installation, which is to select components (languages, etc.). A launch option is available at setup completion.


Jarte can also be run as a portable app from a USB drive.

You can download Jarte here. If you give this a try, take some time to look over the additional features. There wasn’t time or space enough here to cover everything.