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Jewel Cases

Jewel Cases

Have you ever heard of the term jewel case? You may have seen it mentioned in some of our advertisements that we include in the newsletters. Often times, our software programs come packaged in a jewel case. Know what I’m talking about now?

Well, either way, a jewel case is the two piece plastic case that CDs come in. Okay, I’m sure you know what I’m referring to now. Who knew that case had such a fancy name, huh? So, basically, a jewel case has two clear halves that are hinged together, with one side holding the media tray that grips the CD by its middle hole. Most jewel cases also have little hooks on the inside which hold music liner notes or any other information that needs to go along with the CD it contains.

Jewel cases usually have drawings on the front or at least some wording. All music CDs come in jewel cases that are designed just for a specific artist. Computer software programs also come in these cases and they are usually a little creative as well. I know this may seem like a very basic tip and maybe most of you already knew about this, but if you didn’t, it could be a little confusing every time you heard the term.

So, now you know!

~ Erin