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Jewelry Photos – Photoshop Tutorial

Have you ever wondered how marketing banners and online shops have their products looking so sharp and crisp with a nice solid colored background? Well, you could spend money on buying the perfect studio to achieve this, or you can make a few modifications using Photoshop to achieve the same effect.

Most products online today (especially Jewelry products) are either created using 3D software (such as Gemvision Matrix 7 [1]), Taken with high end professional photography equipment, or modified in Photoshop before achieving the finished product. The latter of these methods (Photoshop) is the least difficult and expensive of the three, and this tutorial will get you started in the world of product marketing by showing you step by step how to make a photo of jewelry sparkle and shine with a perfectly white background, ready to be used for marketing or catalogs.

Some of the important tools we’re going to use in this tutorial are:

Here’s a photo of the before and after photos.


Let’s get started!


We are going to cut the piece of jewellery out of the original image and paste it into a new image to give it a perfectly white background. To do this, we are going to use the Pen Tool.

Zoom into your object so you can draw around it more easily with the Pen. Since it’s such a difficult tool to use in Photoshop, let me give you a few tips on the Pen Tool that most of the other tutorials don’t give you.

You’ve now done the hardest part: cutting and pasting your jewelry item into a nice white document for you to work with.


Now we are going to apply some Adjustment Layers to give the piece of jewelry more shine and sparkle.



In this step we are going to sharpen the image using a “High Pass” filter.

To do this, we will first duplicate the layer again. After having merged all layers you should only have one layer, so click on the layer in Layer pallet and press CTRL + J  (you should now have two identical layers).

There you go. You now have a professional, marketable jewelry image!

~ Sam