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I love puzzles! My enjoyment of puzzles has been passed down from my mother, and she got it from my grandfather. So when I found this awesome puzzle site, I knew I had to share it with you! 

Navigation is really easy if you want to solve a puzzle. Just choose one from the main page or browse by navigating through the pages of puzzles. You can filter them by selecting categories and sizes from the drop down boxes above the puzzles. Categories include Outdoors, People, Objects, Animals, Plants, Machines, Buildings, Seasonal, Art, Mosaics, Themes, For Kids, and Miscellaneous. Sizes include Small (0-60 pieces), Medium (60-120), Large (120-240), and Very Large puzzles (240+).

If you want to make a puzzle, click Create on the left side menu. This will take you to the profile creation form. You need a profile to create puzzles, but don’t worry, it’s free and doesn’t require any personal information. Just fill out the form and click the Create Profile button. Then you’ll be asked to fill in some optional information. If you want to be able to retrieve your password, you must provide them with a working e-mail address. Now that you’re ready to make a puzzle, click Create again! 

This whisks you to the puzzle creator. Start by clicking the green Select Image button. Choose the image off your computer that you want to turn into a puzzle. It will load the image and then you’ll need to use the slider, located in the top left of the page, to set how many pieces you want your puzzle to have. Sliding up increases the puzzle count, and sliding down decreases the puzzle count. The number of puzzle pieces available to you depends on the size of the image you’ve uploaded. 

When you’re happy with the amount of puzzle pieces, you can click test to see how they look at that size. It will be super difficult to match them because they’re too small or you’ve made it too easy by making them too large. When you’re done testing the puzzle, click okay. Then, you’ll need to name the puzzle and decide whether you want to share it publicly.

If you decide to share it, you need to make sure that you’re respecting the copyright of the image’s creator, that it does not contain obscene or illegal images, and that it is respectful. If your image meets those guidelines, click the Okay button. If you think some people might find the image offensive, you can check the disclaimer box stating that the puzzle may offend some people. 

If you want some help deciding what is acceptable to post, check out the Guidelines section or the FAQ. Both contain useful information that can help you make the best decision regarding posting your puzzle. You can post up to four puzzles in a 24-hour period. 

Go enjoy puzzle solving! I know I’m going to! 

http://www.jigidi.com/ [1]