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Jinxi Boo – Learn, Think, Inspire

Welcome to Jinxi Boo, a site devoted to learning, thinking, and inspiration. Here you will find images, quotes, videos and more that will inspire you, teach you, or just get your brain thinking.

The site is setup blog style, so you can just scroll down the page to navigate. There are three entries per page, which is a format I really like. It gives each entry enough space to stand out and be visually appealing as well as to convey the quote, if there is one.

You can also use the navigation strip at the top of the page with the following categories of interest to us: Gallery, Quotes, and Tattoo Corner. If you mouse over each of these there is a drop down menu that lets you delve deeper into the content for each section.

I know that tattoos can be controversial, but personally, I love that they’ve included tattoos among the art. If you think about what tattoos can mean to the person that gets one done, there is certainly a lot of inspiration to be found.  Also, if you mouse over Tattoo Corner, and then select Tattoo Advice and History, you can find out all about the history of tattoos. That was quite a pleasant surprise to my history loving self!

I enjoyed surfing through this site so much that I spent all morning going through the entries. I really loved the Lawrence Yang Interview video, you can check it out directly here [1]. So, just be warned that it can suck you in, and make you lose track of time.