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Joe Pastry

Baking techniques, History, and Science! What more can you ask for in an awesome baking blog? Oh! Recipes! Well you’ll find those here too at Joe Pastry! 

I don’t even remember how I ended up at Joe Pastry while I was surfing the web, but when I landed there was this awesome post about how Yorkshire Pudding was historically eaten. To me, Yorkshire Pudding is love- it conjures up fantastic memories from my childhood and my dad making a roast with potatoes and carrots. Then he’d make up some Yorkshire Pudding from roast drippings. The kitchen smelled divine and I couldn’t wait to eat. It was always worth waiting for the Yorkshire Pudding to finish baking because then I could fold it around the meat, potatoes and carrots. Inevitably, I made Yorkshire Pudding to accompany dinner that night and knew I had to share this site with you.

I really love the flair of this food blog. The information is presented in a very approachable manner, it’s not just a bunch of dry facts. The author very graciously replies to the questions that get sent in and really takes the time to try and respond to the comments. Through the posts you’ll find links that will whisk you away to even more information (point in case if you check out the Yorkshire Pudding Posts make sure you go the Hannah Glasse link!)  or to the recipes that go with the topic. 

Navigation is standard blog style, scroll down to read past articles and use the older and newer links to navigate back and forth between pages. There’s a side menu that offers browsing by Tutorials, Topics, and Recent Posts.

Go check this out today and bookmark it! It’s a really wonderful baking blog. 

http://www.joepastry.com/ [1]