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Journey Into Amazing Caves

I think I’ve gone cave crazy since I read that article about the World’s Largest Cave in Vietnam. I decided I wanted to know more about caves as my knowledge about them is sadly lacking. I mean I know about stalagmites and stalactites, but not much else.  Like what are caves made out of? How do they form? 

Well you can learn that and more at this site! When you load into the site you’ll be right on the page to learn all about the ecology of caves. The information highlighted is Water and Karst, Cave Life, Cave Habitats, and the History of Human Use of Caves. 

After you’ve devoured that information, you can use the navigation strip at the top of the page to check out Cave Microbiology, How Caves are Formed, Cave Preservation, Caves You Can Visit, and there’s even a handy dandy Teacher’s Guide.

I really loved the How Caves are Formed section. It talks about how caves are formed obviously, but also discusses different kinds of caves like sea caves, lava caves, and sandstone caves. 

This is a really neat site that teaches you a lot about caves. Go check it out today! 

http://www.amazingcaves.com/set_learn_ecology.html [1]