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Joy of Baking

Joy of Baking

This site is my new guilty pleasure. I adore baking and the recipes here are just fantastic! I could easily make it my New Year’s resolution to bake the Top 40 Recipes from 2010, but I’m going to restrain myself and only bake things that will get eaten around the house instead of dessert for dessert’s sake.

If you scroll down the main page, you will find not only the Top 40 Recipes of 2010, but you’ll also find above them the Top Recipes for January. Among those recipes you’ll find an amazing Shortbread recipe! I love it! Not only do they give you the recipe to make exactly what they’ve shown you in the picture (heart-shaped shortbread cookies dipped in chocolate), but they also give you variations on the recipe so that you can learn more ways to use it. Like a crispier cookie? They’ve got it covered. Want to add flavoring to the cookie? They’ve got it covered. I made these and they turned out amazing. It was all I could do not to devour them all by myself.

On the side menu, you’ll find a listing of different categories: about us, substitutions, ingredients, glossary, conversions, and then all the baking categories. I’ve included the About Us section because I think that it is amazing that all these recipes come out of the mind of one woman (the site’s author Stephanie Jaworski) and all the tasty images on the site are taken by her husband Rick. It is truly encouraging to hear that if you’re passionate about something, it can take off and make you happy, as well as successful.

So what are you waiting for? Pick a recipe, like those shortbread cookies, and get in the kitchen and start baking!