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Just a Little Too Long

Just a Little Too Long

Have an MS Word document that is just a bit too long? A few lines stuck on that last page? Wish you could “shrink” the document a bit and lose that last page?

Well, I suppose you could try a different font size. Or, you know, adjusting it up and down just to find the exact change that will remove the need for the unwanted last page.

But, why would you waste the time when you could get Word to do that for you?

Interested in finding out how?

Yep, I thought you might be, so here’s the scoop!

The Word feature we’re looking for is “Shrink to Fit” and it’s found in the Print Preview. (File menu, Print Preview choice or use the Print Preview button located on the Standard toolbar).

Once in the Print Preview, you’re looking for the Shrink to Fit button.

Click it.

Instantly, Word shrinks your document’s font size to reduce the number of pages by one.

(At times, I did get an error message from the Office Assistant telling me that Word couldn’t make the change. With some effort, I found that if I saved the document as is and then tried again, it would complete the shrink).

There you have it. Word’s version of the phrase “Shrink to Fit!”

~ April