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Just One More Thing About Sections

Just One More Thing About Sections

Having trouble with the formatting of different sections? Have you changed formatting (maybe borders, columns, etc.) in one section, expecting the changes to be contained there, only to find that the change happened everywhere?

When you start trying to change formatting within a section, you need to pay close attention to one extra detail.

Be sure to place your cursor within the section to be formatted and then proceed with your formatting.

Wait! Don’t hit the OK button just yet.

Before you complete your formatting, be sure to tell Word where to apply the formatting. For example, the whole document, this section or this point forward.

Here’s a sample of that choice from the Page Setup window.

If the formatting you’re trying to accomplish can be so easily applied to a single section, you should find something like this to facilitate the process.

That’s it. Now you’re ready to handle paragraphs, pages and sections. It looks like it’s time to get busy with the formatting!

~ April