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Just the Value

Just the Value

Okay, so here’s the situation. You’ve got a formula in an MS Excel worksheet that produces a value you need to transfer somewhere else.

What do you do?

Memorize the value and then retype it in the new location?

Nah! A bad memory can really mess you up.

You could print the page and then use it to retype the value, but that doesn’t exactly sound like a very efficient choice either.

So, let’s think again.

You could copy the formula and then do a Paste Special in the new location where you would only paste the cell value.

That one is very efficient (no retyping) and it doesn’t rely on a printer or your memory. So, all in all, it’s not too bad of a plan.

But, what if you could transfer that data value in a slightly faster manner? Maybe a method that doesn’t involve the Paste Special window and all the extra clicks it involves?

Well, here’s just another quick trick to add to your ever growing list.

To copy the data value (not the formula), select the cell just below the formula. (Obviously, this cell will need to be empty since you’re about to fill it).

Now, simply press Ctrl + Shift + and poof!

In the cell, you now have the data. The formula is not there anymore. It’s just the data.

At this point, do a cut and paste to move the value to any location and you’re done. No retyping, no Paste Special windows. It’s just a quick key combination and you’re on your way!

~ April