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K9 Web protection

K9 Web Protection is free software that filters fraudulent, illicit, adult, and pornographic content. It is a great alternative to software that charges you for such service. This step by step tutorial will show you how to install K9 Web Protection on your computer.

Step 1- Download K9 Web Protection

The first thing you have to do is to download K9 Web Protection To download it, go to:


Then, go to the download link.

Figure 1: Click on where it says “Download K9 today for free”.

The following page will ask for some personal details and your email address. In order to use K9 Web Protection, you must have a license, and the license can be obtained by filling the information–which should take less than a minute. After you have signed up, K9 will send you an email with your license code.

Figure 2: Fill out the application for a license request.

Now that you have the license code, you are able to download the free software. To download the software, go to download link on the left hand side corner.

Figure 3: Click on the “Download Software” on the left corner

Figure 4: The email should look something like this, with the protection license included.

Step 2- Installing K9 Web Protection

To install K9 Web Protection, just run the setup file, forllow the steps and be prepared to input the license key that you received from your email. The program should then be fully installed to your computer.

Step 3- Using K9 Web Protection

Using K9 is pretty straightforward. The program automatically blocks harmful content that may be damaging to adolescents. If the program blocks a site you often use, you can unblock the site temporarily or permanently.

Figure 5: Main interface of K9 Web Protection.

Figure 6: This is a list of content that you can block (There are even more categories, but the image would be too big if the rest were shown).

Overall, K9 Web Protection is a great free software that will protect your kids from harmful web content.

~Jean-Baptiste Juderson