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Karaoke, Anyone?

Maybe you already use this at home when you have people over and there’s nothing else to do to keep everybody from falling asleep. Maybe you use this when nobody’s around and you can belt out out-of-tune songs knowing that there is nobody in the room who is searching for ear plugs while you sing. Maybe you don’t even know it’s there.

Karaoke, anyone?

I am talking about the cool feature in Vista that lets you turn your computer into a small but pretty adequate karaoke machine (it’s called voice cancellation). If you want to check it out, it’s really hard to find so I thought I’d show you how to find it.

Go to your Start button and left-click on it. Then go to the right pane of your Start menu and left-click on Control Panel to open it.


Okay, next you want to find the Sound option. Once you find it, right-click on it. A little box will pop up; left-click on Open.

For the Classic View:


For the Standard View, it’s a little different because when you left-click on Control Panel, you’re presented with headings and options underneath them. Find the one that says Hardware and Sounds and left-click on it.


Now (unlike the Classic View) you have another window to get through. It has a long list with a lot of headings and options underneath of the headings. In the screen shot below I just show the top five headings/options. Sounds is the third one down. Left-click on it.


(Note: The rest of this tip applies to both Views – Classic and Standard.)

The next window to pop up is the Sound window and has three tabs across the top, which are Playback, Recording, and Sounds (in that order). We’re only concerned with the first tab, which is Playback.


Under the Playback tab you will see Speakers. Left double left-click on it.


After you left double-click on Speakers, you will have a box pop up with four tabs across the top (General, Levels, Enhancements, and Advanced). Left-click on Enhancements (the third one from the left). Under the Enhancements tab, you will see a list of options to enhance your sound. The second option down on the list is Voice Cancellation. Put a checkmark in the box to the left of it. Then left-click on OK.

(Note: If the Apply button is not grayed out like in the example below, then left-click on Apply first, and then click on OK.)


After you click on OK, you will return to the original Sound box (with Speakers in the white part in the middle). Left-click on OK.


And that’s it! Now find some song on your hard drive and play it. There’s only background music on it now, so go ahead and sing your heart out! And if you are like my sister, try not to have a mike on when you do. (My sister totally agrees.)

Karaoke on your computer. Who’da thunk it?

~Lori Cline