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Katamari Hack

Katamari Damacy was an addictive sleeper hit video game for Playstation 2. The plot was that the King of the Cosmos had wiped out all of the stars, constellations, and moon; he then assigns his son, the prince, to restore the cosmos with a katamari.

A katamari is an adhesive ball that anything smaller than it will stick to and make it grow bigger. Your job as the prince was to roll over things, make the katamari grow large enough that you could restore stars, constellations, and eventually the moon itself!

So what is Katamari Hack? Sounds a little nefarious, doesn’t it? Well it’s a bookmarklet which lets you play Katamari on any web page you want.  I love that the site includes a whole section on how it works in detail.

Basically, you paste the code they provide you into the location bar of any site that you visit. Then you have the option to tweak the settings of the katamari to what you want. All that’s left then is to play!

The other thing I really like is that they offer a demo of how it works right on the page. Just click the Katamari link near the top of the page, choose the settings you want, and try it out! 

This is seriously a fun time waster to help fill in the time when you’re bored! Go check it out!

http://kathack.com/ [1]