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Atlas 4 Device Universal Remote Control

Thursday, June 11th, 2015

To access the user manual for the remote, click here.

Halo Scanner Mouse

Monday, June 1st, 2015

Thank you for purchasing your Scanner Mouse from WorldStart! We hope you find it useful for years to come.

I wanted to include a few tips to help you get started with mouse:

  1. Remove the protective plastic sheet from the glass on the bottom of your mouse or you will not get optimum results. Do this before you start scanning.
  2. Make sure you have plenty of

*Note – This device is not compatible with iPhones or iPads.

To check for device compatibility, please click here. This is not an all inclusive list of devices, but if your device is listed on the selection list, you’ll be able to tell if your device is supported.

To use this device, you need a File Manager Application on your phone. Newer phones and tablets often come with… Continue reading

Comtrend 300 Mbps Wireless-N Adapter

Friday, April 3rd, 2015

When installing on Windows 8, you may find an error with the CD. However, you can use the device with Windows 8/8.1 by completing the following steps.

Using the search charm, type in Network.

Click on Network and Sharing Center.

On the left, click Change adapter settings.


Look for the WiFi adapter that says “RealTek Wireless Lan” as seen in the image below.

To improve accuracy, please be certain the monitor is placed on the left wrist, on the INSIDE of your wrist, as per the instructions. Placing monitor in any other way can lead to inaccurate readings.… Continue reading

For more information and any other questions regarding the Calibre (pronounced kal-uh-ber) software, please see this link.

To access the books, follow these instructions.

  1. Insert the flash drive into USB port.
  2. After a few seconds, a window should pop
    up listing the contents of the drive.
  3. If the drive does not automatically open,
    go to Start menu and choose Computer or
    open File Explorer on Windows 8. Double

Netgear Powerline Network 10/100 Adapter Kit

Tuesday, February 10th, 2015

To access the full user’s guide, click here. To access the installation guide, click here.

Each of these lights requires 3 LR41 button cell batteries. Unscrew the end near the lightbulb itself, and insert all three batteries with the positive (+) facing out/towards the bulb. The light will not turn on until you pull out the extension. This is how the light turns off and on.… Continue reading

The power button and the volume buttons are on the top of the tablet. To turn on the tablet, you need to hold down the power button for about 5 seconds. To unlock  the default lock screen, simply press on the lock icon and slide your finger to the right.

To connect the included keyboard, you may first need to use the… Continue reading

To turn on the device, press and hold the device near the LED light. When ready to pair with your mobile device, turn off the device by holding down the button for about 5 seconds. A flashing red light will indicate it is turning off.

To turn on and pair, hold the power button down (about 8-10 seconds) until the LED light blinks red and blue. Search for the headset on… Continue reading

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