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Keep – Google’s New Note Taking Service

Remember the paper notepad? The one you used to keep next to the phone, on the refrigerator door and in the car? In today’s world of computers, tablets and cell phones what’s the digital version of the notepad?  Google Keep is a simple digital note website which stores all of your notes in the free Google Drive.

The interface is pretty simple. There’s a box to type a new note, next to the box is a small picture icon to upload an image,There’s also an icon to make a list instead of a simple note. You can view your notes in a list sorted newest to oldest or in grid view like a group of Post-it notes. You can change the color of the bar on top of any note to easily identify notes by color type.

The ability to make lists of things and check the items off the list is quite handy. I made one for writing this article, and you can see the simple interface below.

Google isn’t reinventing the wheel with Keep. The service aims to offer you the simplest interface with the basic functionality of a notepad.  Since this is a very early release, I wouldn’t be surprised if you see a Keep app launching for Android and iOS soon with automatic syncing.

You can use Keep right now by going to http://drive.google.com/keep [1]